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LOVE is universal, the way people meet,court and develop relationships is far from it.That's why Happiplay offer different approaches and features unique to different cultures.

Happiplay.com powers online dating globally, create romantic opportunities that members can find their special ones. we've learned more and more to provide tools they need to help take the lottery out of love.

How we do it?

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Members can setup their own profile page with detailed requirements in social works, That is a QuickStart and favorable platform for members streamline records.

At Happiplay.com, we give members the opportunity to express themselves through various free writing sections. Profiles may include up to hundreds of photos, as well as selected preferences regarding the person they're searching for. With the click of a mouse, members can instantly see photos and read about potential matches in their area. Happiplay.com also understands the importance of privacy and integrity. Personal data can be confidential only if member agree to share the information with a potential match. And to help ensure the integrity of our community, every profile and photo is screened by our Customer Care team for appropriateness before it's posted to the site.

We're releasing social games where you can play together with your friends from Facebook,Twitter,Google+ or Sina Blog.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us email: service@highstones.com